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Everyone wants their homes and surrounding property to embody as many life-enriching qualities as possible. Properties and homes are available that offer nature’s graces in quiet secluded areas. Others are available in progressive population centers.

If you want to build in a small town or in a rural setting away from growth clusters, yet be within easy driving distance to all the services and social amenities, you will find an almost unlimited number of sites and settings that offer these and other advantages.

The added benefits of safer neighborhoods, good schools, lower property taxes, and an abundance of outdoor recreation are common to these locations.

Many established neighborhoods and an abundance of new residential developments with relatively attractive prices are springing up in rural areas. A number of farm homes dot the rural landscape. With this wide array of housing, our area has something to offer everyone – even the most conservative homebuyer.

Numerous streams, rivers, hills and mountains throughout the county provide for an array of scenic views. These range from bluff settings along whitewater rivers to beach-like settings on rivers and streams. A generous number of lake, hill and mountain sites command a variety of breathtaking views.

Licensed professional Blount County homebuilders and realtors abound in the area.