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How to Join

Chamber Sponsored Events

  • Covered Bridge Festival
  • Blount County Christmas Parade
  • Outstanding Citizen Award
  • Outstanding Teacher Awards
  • Small Business of the Year Award
  • Industry of the Year Award
  • Annual Dinner

Ten Good Reasons to Join:

  1. The Chamber of Commerce is the only staffed organization in Blount County whose membership is made up primarily of business and professionals, as well as clubs and organizations. The organization is a group of volunteers headed by a board of directors, elected by the membership. A staff consisting of a president and executive secretary handle the administrative duties of the organization.
  2. A major function of the Chamber is to locate business and industry in our county and to assist existing business and industry.
  3. The Chamber is an active community participant. Whether it is by sponsoring county-wide events or providing tourist information, the Chamber is involved in spotlighting our county and its people.
  4. The Chamber is a ready reference source, from information on commercial sites for a business to listings of civic clubs and organizations.
  5. The Chamber works with the Small Business Development Center to provide free, one-on-one confidential counseling for prospective or established small business owners.
  6. Each member of the Chamber is listed in the Newcomer's Book, which is distributed to each new family moving into Blount County.
  7. Membership in the Chamber tells customers and associates that you are part of a team of reputable business and professional men and women who work to better themselves and their community. Through the Chamber, you have the opportunity to meet with other business men and women at monthly membership breakfasts and exchange ideas, attract customers and learn of the developments of the county.
  8. By joining the Chamber, you are making an investment in the future of your county and community. You are taking action that will help your business, benefit the entire community and help the many volunteers that make the Chamber a viable tool in promoting Blount County. As a Chamber member, you have a vote as to who your Chamber Board of Directors will be.
  9. Seminars and workshops of interest the the members of the Chamber are held periodically and speakers are brought into the monthly breakfasts to keep you abreast of the happenings and trends in business and the economy, as well as in local and state government.
  10. A strong Chamber means a better way of life not only for business and industry, but for all of Blount County. More businesses means more revenue to help support schools and services that Blount County depends on.

The Chamber Works For You...

  • as an information center about our county
  • to provide maps and brochures of the area
  • to promote free enterprise and encourage shopping in Blount County
  • by providing information and assistance to industrial and business prospects
  • to promote tourism
  • by publishing a monthly newsletter
  • by providing counseling sessions through the Small Business Development Center
  • by coordinating monthly membership breakfasts, free to members
  • to maintain community data files
  • to maintain and update available building listings for industrial prospects
  • by working to attract retirees